In compliance with the regulations for personal data and privacy handling. Multivacaciones Panama SA, its affiliates and other companies in the group must read this policy before providing their personal information.

Participation in this site implies having read and accepted the policies and collection of personal data, its use, disclosure, administration and storage. Therefore, it is understood that you expressly, freely and knowingly authorize use of your personal data.

Should you have any objection to this policy you must cease use of The Site.

The Personal Data processing and privacy policy is part of the Terms and Conditions of this website (The Site) which are binding for all users.

It is DECAMERON’S policy to respect and protect your privacy; therefore, DECAMERON and other companies from the group take the necessary measures to maintain confidentiality of the information you provide and protect your personal data.



We may collect any information regarding your name, address, e-mail, phone number, birth date, preferred methods of communications, financial data such as credit cart data, frequent traveler information, travel background, accompanying party data, preferences, itinerary data and from other reservations, among others.

All personal and/or patrimonial data provided will be treated according to the guidelines required by Colombian laws and other regulations issued by competent authorities through administrative safety, technical and physical measure implemented, against damages, loss, alteration, destruction or use, access or unauthorized processing.



We use your personal information to provide the services you request from us and the Group’s companies, such as quotes, hotel reservations, purchase of vacation packages, time-shares, spas, gyms, seasonal entertainment, and generally to offer and sell tourism services and associated or complementary activities, as well as to perform surveys, tracing and marketing offers, information bulletins, awards and contests developed by any of the companies that conform the DECAMERON Group.



The confidentiality of personal and/or patrimonial data is guaranteed through procedures, controls, technologies and audits, implemented to keep them safe and protected from any damage, loss, alteration or unauthorized use.

Sensitive information related to your health, race or ethnic origin, political views, religious and other beliefs, criminal background, health conditions or membership in union groups or associations, is not requested unless it is your initiative and will to provide it in order to satisfy any specific personal need. This information is handled under the same confidentiality standards and controls.

Employees and/or third parties are required to guarantee the privacy of all data by privacy contracts. Said obligations survive termination of relations with DECAMERON companies.



We do not collect personal information of persons under the age of 18, other than through the person of legal age requesting the reservation. This may only be done by a person of legal age. As tutor or parent do not allow your children to present personal information without your authorization.



As a company that belongs to the Hoteles Decameron group, we may share your personal information with other member of our business group, franchisees, hotels we manage, or service providers that may be located in countries other than yours, with the sole purpose of guaranteeing greater satisfaction.

Transfer of personal data to other countries is done while maintaining the standards of the DECAMERON. group’s standards, or higher, if any.

The DECAMERON Group companies protect personal and/or patrimonial data through administrative safety, technical and physical measures that guarantee the highest protection standards required by each country.

Eventually, we will enter into a partnership with other companies to provide promotions, products and services with shared brands or shared sponsorships, whereby we may share your information with our co-sponsor. We will also share personal information with service providers such as spas, golf courses, restaurants, couriers, transporters and other activities related or necessary to provide tourism services, air ticket packages and car rental, news notification and delivery of promotional materials via e-mail or direct mail, processing of credit card transactions, service improvements and management of raffles and awards, as well as surveys to our clients.

We may share personal information with credit institutions, when it is so required in order to perform transactions and clarifications regarding payment for services rendered.

In all cases, the Suppliers or any third party personal data recipient authorized to receive such data, assumes the same obligations that correspond to the party responsible for the data and are obligated through privacy and confidentiality contracts to also guarantee the privacy of the data in their possession.

Transfer to controlling companies, subsidiaries or affiliates, or a parent company or any company within the group operating under the same procedures and internal policies may be done without the need for consent from the holder.

In the event of a sale, merger, consolidation, liquidation or transfer of this company or the group’s companies to a third party, personal data will be transferred to said third party without the need for authorization under the condition of the duty of protection and confidentiality.



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This Site may use “cookies” or any other technology that aids us in providing you with specific content according to your interests, to process your reservations or requests and/or analyze visit patterns. “Cookies” are small files stored in the hard drive of your computer which they themselves may not be used to reveal personal identity but only to obtain non-personal information (domain name, IP number and information regarding the websites you visit, which do not identify the person) with the purpose of improving your online experience. This information identifies your browser, but not you, in our servers when you visit our site.

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DECAMERON will take the necessary measures to: (i) protect the personal information collected through unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction; and (ii) maintain personal information trustworthy and updated according to current laws. We also intend to require that our affiliates and service providers make the necessary efforts to maintain the trustworthiness of your personal information. For online transaction we use safety technology to protect personal information transmitted through our site. Unfortunately, the safety of data transmission through the Internet may not be guaranteed.

For your own protection and privacy do not include personal information that you consider confidential or credit card fata in email messages.



We will not use your personal data in a manner other than that which has been authorized.

In the event we need your personal data for a purpose other than that herein consented to we will make a new privacy disclaimer available which includes the characteristics of the new processing.

We may eventually modify this Policy. When we make significant or material changes, they will be notified through the home page of our website before their implementation. You will know when this Policy it has been updated by the date that appears on the margins of this information. Any change to our Policy will be effective once the revised policy for the site is sent. Use of this site as of these changes constitutes acceptance of the revised Policy.



At all times, you, as holder, may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to processing of your Data, sending your information to the email address xxxxxxxxx or submitting your written request by mail addressed to Hoteles Decameron S.R.L.

Address: City of Panama, Calle 50, Decameron Building, first floor.





Under this agreement, the payment processing services for goods and/or services purchased on this website are provided by Estricontio S.L. on behalf of Multivacaciones Panama SA or by Multivacaciones Panama SA, depending on the type of payment method used for the purchase of the goods and/or services.

In the event you choose to pay with credit card and the payment will be processed via a European Acquirer, these payment processing terms are an agreement between you and Estricontio S.L. For any other type of purchases, these terms are an agreement between you and Multivacaciones Panama SA and goods and/or services will be delivered by Multivacaciones Panama SA directly.

The terms and conditions (TC) are the set of rules and guidelines established by a service provider to be accepted and complied by users.

The implementation of clear TCs, balances the responsibility of the information since the entrepreneur’s obligation to provide complete, clear and truthful information is compensated by the responsibility of the user to read and understand the information therein contained, as well as seeking acceptance from the user when visiting the site.

Decameron has sought to implement and construct usage policies and terms and conditions, as well as to implement publishing rules for the content on its websites.

Generally, it was shown that there is no uniformity of the texts used for the TC on DECAMERON websites. Each Decameron website uses different wordings for the usage policy on their sites, which generates risks for the organization through generation of inequality of terms and guidelines, lack of uniformity in the understanding that each company of the group has for each act or service, which leads to ambiguity and confusion.


The terms and conditions of the Decameron All Inclusive Colombia website were analyzed. It has a practical and friendly structure for the user, which allows clarity of the concepts and the basic characteristics of the tourism plans being offered. Therefore, we recommend preserving the current structure, making some material and structural adjustments as well as organizational adjustments, in order to achieve a document that is clear for the consumer and as safe as possible for the Decameron Group.

Servincluidos Ltda., acts as an intermediary between users and those providing included services (airline, hotels and ground transportation, among others) and is responsible for structuring tourism packages to aid the traveler in obtaining air quotas and room reservations at Hoteles Decameron and/or those affiliated to the Decameron chain, request the required services and contract them on behalf of the user according to their availability, in line with the information provided by the service providers.

Travelers accessing this site or who acquire the tourism services offered therein, are responsible for reading and understanding the dispositions contained in these terms and conditions. If the provisions herein contained are not clear or you do not agree with any of them, please abstain from acquiring the published services.


  1. Servincluidos: An operator registered before the National Tourism Register, an intermediary between clients and those providing included services such as Airlines, ground transportation companies, ground operators, Hotels and Travel Agencies.
  2. Guest / Client: A person who uses the lodging, transportation, receptive, food and beverage and other services provided by Servincluidos Ltda. and/or Decameron.
  3. Airline: Organization dedicated to transportation of passengers or cargo by plane.
  4. E-TKT: An electronic document issued by an airline for the acquired air transportation services.
  5. Seasons: Specific times of the year, on which differential conditions and rates apply.
  6. Rooms: Part of a space in a hotel that is separate from other spaces, intended for guest’s rest.
  7. Connections: Airplane changes made by a client an intermediate city or cities before reaching their final travel destination.
  8. Reservation: Holding an air and/or hotel quotas for a specific date for a client during a specific period of time.
  9. Confirmed Reservation: Holding an air and/or hotel quotas for a specific date for a client during a specific period of time. This reservation does not have partial payments or deposits and does not comply with an established payment plan.
  10. Reconfirmed Reservation: Holding an air and/or hotel quotas for a client for a specific date until that service is rendered. This reservation has partial payments and complies with the established payment plan or is paid in full.
  11. Cancelled Reservation: Cancellation of holding of air and/or hotel quotas for a client for a specific date. This reservation does not have any partial payments or deposits.
  12. Voucher: A document containing all data of a reconfirmed reservation with full payment of a tourism service with a reservation code, which must be presented by the client to the service providers with which he or she has a reconfirmed reservation to effect the use of the purchased services.
  13. Invoice: Corresponds to the document confirming full payment of the tourism plan.
  14. No show: Non-showing of a client to a previously purchased plan without notification and that may imply losing the plan itself.
  15. Reimbursement: Economic operation through which a client is reimbursed for part or all of the money he or she had previously given as payment for a plan.
  16. Tourism Card: Tax charged in some countries and/or destinations to allow entry of non-residents to their territory for a temporary period of time.
  17. Destination: Area, place or zone where a client is headed for which he or she purchased a plan.
  18. Travel Plan: A set of tourism services commercialized in a unique way containing services such as lodging, food, transportation and other services, for which a price is paid which takes into account all the services and does not establish an individual price for each service provided.
  19. Promotional or Special Plan: A temporary offer of products under special and favorable or free conditions as an incentive for the consumer. A promotion may also be understood as the offering of product with additional content to its usual presentation, free of charge or at a reduced and temporary price. Also, that which is made through the consumer incentive system, such as raffles, contests and others, in money, king or point accumulation.
  20. Penalty: Economic sanction resulting from noncompliance with one or several previously agreed conditions or circumstances for the travel plan.
  21. Complementary Services: Additional tourism services not included in the tourism plan and optional for the user/traveler.
  22. Infant, Child and Adult: Infants are those under 2 years of age, Children are those between 2 and 11 years as of the date of arrival to the hole and Adults are persons older than 12 years of age.



Liability Clause

Servincluidos, as intermediary of tourism services, is responsible for:

  1. Structuring tourism packages to facilitate obtaining air and ground quotas for clients, as well as booking of rooms at Hoteles Decameron and/or its affiliates.
  2. Requesting required services and contracting them on behalf of the user (air tickets, lodging, food and beverages, ground transportation or any other service required by the user) subject to their availability.
  3. Notifying the users of the value of rates, taxes, requirements, documents and all other relevant information for the user when acquiring tourism plans.
  4. Reimbursing the money paid by the user within the established term when they exercise their right to detract or withdraw, less any established penalty.
  5. Servincluidos Ltda. is only liable for inconveniences during structuring of the tourism plans contracted by the users.


  1. Servincluidos Ltda. will not be liable for the failure to render acquired services in cases of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Servincluidos Ltda. reserves the right to make modifications to the contracted plan or tourism service in cases of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Servincluidos Ltda. is not liable for changes made by contracted services providers or unforeseen circumstances such as:
· Delays at airports, flight delays, Hotel congestion, quarantines and other force majeure or unforeseen event circumstances that alter the normal development of the provision of tourism services, in which case, if the contracted service providers cannot partially or fully provide said services, reimbursement will only be negotiated for the corresponding amount excluding any other commitment.
· Accidents, losses or damages suffered by the clients as a consequence of recklessness or non-observance of instructions and/or rules during the stay, whether by the airlines, hotels or tourism service providers.
  • Losses or damages caused by neglect or non-delivery of jewelry and/or goods owned by clients.
  1. Servincluidos will not be liable for the failure to provide contracted services due to causes attributable to the user.



  1. a. All prices and rates published in this site are subject to change, availability and validity without prior notification and regulation of rate rules for hotel and air travel plans. However, the rate confirmed at the time of purchase does NOT vary. Taxes, rates and contributions affecting air, hotel and other service’s rates offered by SERVINCLUIDOS may vary at any time due to dispositions of the National Government or foreign entities, as applicable, which must be assumed by the guest/client at the time of issuance of the air tickets, plan or tourism package. Restrictions and conditions apply for each published rate according to its validity.
  2. Before acquiring the tourism plans published in this website, you must inquire about the characteristics and maximum accommodation allowed by the hotel.
b. Hotel rates depend on the selected accommodation. Plan prices are calculated based on double occupancy per person. When the requested accommodations are for triple or quadruple rooms, the price per plan per additional passenger is the same as for double occupancy, except at the Royal Decameron Isleño, Radisson Decapolis Panama, Radisson San Isidro and Radisson Miraflores in Peru and African Hotels. Accommodation for single occupancy has an additional surcharge and will be charged directly through the webpage or by Decameron staff when quoting and reserving.

d.Food service conditions included in the travel plan will be provided by the hotel at check-in and until check-out.

  1. The rates of the tourism plans valid at the time of confirmation of sale and payment of the travel plan will be honored.

Tourism plans with an agreed payment plan will respect the agreed upon price as of confirmation of payment within the established terms.

Airport taxes, as well as the administrative rate applicable for issuance of the ticked and the respective taxes, are subject to the provisions of each airline. The difference between said rates will be borne by the plan purchaser.

f. Quotes issued show availability and values at the moment of issuance and do not imply confirmation of air ticket or hotel availability. A quote does not guarantee availability in a fare class or quoted hotel, nor the rates shown therein; if reservation and payment for plan travel plan services is done at a later time. Reconfirmation is subject to payment in full of the reservation.

g. Plans are packaged with air tickets, ground or only-hotel rates, which apply to all the national territory and may be reserved through the Servincluidos Ltda. offices and/or the www.decameron.com web page.

A minimum stay of two (2) nights is required for all plans. Each tourism plans includes specific services. You must therefore inquire about the currency, services, conditions and restrictions of the plan you will acquire.

RATES DO NOT INCLUDE: long distance phone calls, laundry service, safety deposit boxes, medical assistance, medicines, scuba diving lessons and charges not expressly specified in the plan you acquire.
h. There are validities and specific conditions that may apply to some plans that do not include the specific conditions described herein. Therefore, you must inquire about the currency, services, conditions and restrictions of the plan you will acquire.


  1. For San Andres and the Amazon, the passenger must pay the value of the tourism card at the airport.
  2. For El Salvador, Jamaica and the Amazon, the passenger must get the yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days before travelling.
  3. The maximum weight per passenger for national and international destinations applies according to the conditions of each airline. For Providencia Island, the maximum allowed weight is 10 kilos.
  4. Airline and ticket holder changes are not allowed or reconfirmed plans.
  5. As a general rule, the check-in time at the hotel is 3:00 p.m. and the check-out time is 1:00 p.m. If the user requires modification of the check-out time he must request it at the hotel that will confirm availability and an additional charge.
  6. The balance of partially used plans may not be reimbursed, except in duly proven cases of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances; in those cases, the value of unused services will be returned less expenses caused by the cancellation.
  7. The value of applicable penalties will be discounted from the valued paid by the passenger and/or agency.
  8. If the user cancels a reservation and wishes to travel at a later date, the value paid less any penalties will be added to the new plan, which will be subject to availability.
  9. For cancelled plans and after one year of being issued, a credit note will be granted less the value of penalties to be used during the following year.
  10. In the cases of numerals h) and i), the credit note may only be used by the client as a deposit towards a new plan and payment of the difference from the existing rate at the time of the new reservation.
  11. Minors who do not enter the hotel with their parents must present the following documents: i) an authorization from the parents to enter the hotel accompanied by a third party, an original copy which must contain the signature and content recognized before a notary public; ii) a copy of the minor’s civil registry; iii) a copy of the parent’s identification who signed the authorization and iv) and a copy of the document of the person authorized to travel with the minor. Entry will not be allowed without these documents. The entry authorization does not substitute the authorization to leave the country, which must be processed according to the requirements of the country’s migration authority.
  12. The above conditions also apply to plans reserved with a deposit.
  1. Reimbursement requests will be processed by Servincluidos Ltda. in a term that shall not exceed 30 days as of the date of filing of the request.
  2. For calculation purposes of the terms established herein, all days will be considered calendar days and will be counted as of the date of the request with presentation of all documents.
  3. The sale of a travel plan assumes previous confirmation of air, hotel and ground services, as applicable, through payment thereof.
  4. Rooms for triple and quadruple occupancy use an additional, smaller size bed or two double beds. Assignment of an additional bed is subject to availability at the time of arrival to the corresponding hotel.
  5. “Infants” are children two years of age and younger and “Children” are children between the ages of 2 and 11 as of the date of arrival to the hotel. Children aged 12 and above are considered adults and will pay the corresponding rates. The rates for infants and children will be applied when sharing a room with a minimum of two adults paying double occupancy rates, or a single adult paying single occupancy rate. It is necessary to indicate the ages of the children that conform the family group when making the reservation and confirmation of the services.
  6. Regarding ground transportation, the traveler is responsible for the custody and care of his or her luggage and other personal belongings. Travelers are advised to be present during all luggage loading and unloading operations.
  7. It is recommended that the client be present at the rendezvous point for airport – hotel –airport transfers at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time for departure. The client assumes the obligation to comply with the specific rules established by the service provider during the transfer.
  8. All travelers, without exception (including minors), must have all their personal and family documentation in order, a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and a National Identification Document, as well as visas and licenses, as required by the laws of the country or countries visited.
  9. The “invoice” document shows total values, itemizing taxes for all services.
  10. Services included in the acquired plan are the responsibility of each of the service providers. Servincluidos Ltda. acts only as an agent or intermediary before the client.
  11. Airline or name changes are not allowed after the voucher and ticket have been issued.
  12. Promotional plans are NON-modifiable, refundable, reviewable or reimbursable, during any season. These conditions also apply for promotional plans reserved with a deposit.
  13. Servincluidos Ltda. only acts as an agent and intermediary and abides by the penalty policies established by each airline.
  14. Rates include taxes and hotel insurance.
  15. During low season, passengers with stays that include Friday and/or Saturday nights, as well as holidays including Sunday night, will be charged a per person per night supplement which will be directly settled by the system when requesting the quote or reservation.
  16. In order to modify and/or cancel contracted plans, the traveler will be subject to the Policies established and notified at the sales office or the webpage, depending on the method of reservation.
  17. Reservations with direct payment at the hotel are not accepted. If the passenger wishes to pay directly at the hotel, he or she will be subject to rates quoted at his or her arrival and applied at that time.
  18. Passengers with international plans are requested to arrive at the airport 3 hours before flight departure, 2 hours for national destinations and 1 hour for ground transportation.
  19. Hotels do not accept entry and/or stay of pets.



  1. All Inclusive Plan: This plan is comprised of all lodging services at the selected Decameron Hotel, all food, buffet-style breakfasts and lunches, a la carte dinners in specialized restaurants, snacks, beverages and unlimited national alcoholic beverages, open bar with unlimited national beverages and alcoholic beverages. Some hotels have 24-hour bar service (inquire for hours), shows and live music every night, guided recreation for adults and children, non-motorized nautical sports at beach hotel, hotel taxes, pool and beach towels.
  1. Premium All Inclusive Plan only for Isleño Hotel: This plan is comprised of all lodging services, buffet-style breakfast, buffet-style lunch with the option of enjoying it at Rocky Key, a la carte dinner at the hotel, a la carte dinner at the Las Brujas restaurant at the Decameron Aquarium, Rocky Cay and the El Rodeo restaurant at the Mar Azul Decameron Hotel (transportation to and from restaurants must be covered by guests), Premium imported and domestic alcoholic beverages, Wi-Fi, safety deposit box, daily entertainment, Gym, beach club (opening soon), non-motorized nautical sports.
  1. Isleño Plan only for the Isleño Hotel: This plan is comprised of all lodging services, buffet-style breakfast, beverages up to $40,000 per room per night, Wi-Fi, safety deposit box, daily activities, non-motorized nautical sports and Gym.
  1. Modified American Plan only for Decameron Ticuna Hotel: This plan is comprised of all lodging services, buffet-style breakfast and dinner. Three free basic receptives: Bicycle ride to Tabatinga, Ritual with Chaman Karihona, Stroll through Leticia (Specific receptives are offered on specific weekdays. The traveler must inquire directly at the hotel for the days and schedules).
  1. Breakfast-only Plan at the Decameron Ticuna Hotel: This plan is comprised of all lodging services at affiliated hotels in Providencia and Tota and includes Continental breakfast.

None of the abovementioned plans include: Expenses that are not specified in the program. Telephone calls, laundry service, safety deposit box (except for Royal Decameron Isleño), medical assistance, medicines and charges not expressly specified in the acquired plan.



  1. When the user of the tourism services does not show up (NO SHOW), or does not use the acquired services, he or she will pay as penalty the current values for the date on which he or she acquired the plan and that have been established in the terms and conditions included in the voucher for the delivered service.
  2. The penalties of each promotion shall apply for promotional plans.
  3. For Air tickets, since Servincluidos Ltda. is an intermediary between the passenger and the airline, Servincluidos Ltda. abides by the rate rules according to the class and the airline; therefore, the penalty will vary according to each airline’s policies. These rate rules may be found on the webpage of the corresponding airline. Servincluidos will act as an intermediary to process the ticket reimbursement before the airline as long as and when the applied rate is reimbursable.
  4. For hotels, the first night of the current public rate as of the date of cancellation will be charges. These penalties apply for sales of between 1 and 14 passengers. For groups of more than 15 passengers, please inquire about the penalties established on the contract, or corresponding quote, accepted by the parties.
  5. For tourism plans including ground transportation to the destination, the total value of the transportation per person will be charged.
  6. For San Andres – Providencia – San Andres tickets, Searca will charge a COP$35,000 penalty per passenger for route, name or date changes plus the rate or airport fee differentials
  7. No penalty shall apply in cases of force majeure, unforeseen circumstances or disability of the holder of the reservation or a family member in the first degree of consanguinity. The exoneration request must be accompanied with the corresponding supporting document and be presented within 15 days after the date of travel, filing the documents through www.decameron.com or http://agencias.decameron.com, PQR option, otherwise the request will not be processed.



This numeral describes the basic documents that travelers must present at international destinations. The following lists our recommendations.

Colombian citizens travelling to the following international destinations must comply with the following requirements:

  1. ECUADOR, EL SALVADOR AND PERU: Passport, round-trip ticket with a minimum validity of 6 months before the expiration date of said document and service voucher. Round-trip ticket and service voucher. For entry of minors without their parents when travelling abroad.
  1. MEXICO: Passport, round-trip ticket, hotel voucher. Minors travelling alone or with a person who is not a legal guardian must present: civil registry, authorization to leave the country addressed to the Mexican Migration Authorities from the parents or those with legal guardianship, authenticated before a Notary Public and complying with other requirements required by the authorities, which must be found out by the traveler. If the authorization to leave the country has been granted abroad, it must be legalized or apostilled, as applicable, with a translation if in a language other than Spanish.
  1. JAMAICA: Colombian citizens wishing to travel to Jamaica, who are staying for less than 30 days, may enter the island without a visa and must take: Passport valid for at least 6 months, round-trip ticket, International yellow fever vaccine.
  1. PANAMA: Passport valid for at least 6 months before the expiration date of the document, service voucher.
  1. AFRICA: Please inquire about the documents required for the trip.
  1. MINORS: Minors travelling outside the country must also present the civil registry, identity card if applicable and authorization. If the minor is travelling with one or none of his or her parents, in addition to the above, they must have an authorization addressed to the migratory authorities granted by his or her parents before the competent authority. If one of the parents resides abroad, the document must be apostilled.

For Panama, entry of minors to the hotel without their parents or whomever acts as legal guardian, requires presentation of an authorization by the parents to enter with third parties, which must be an original copy with signature and content recognition before a notary public; a copy of the parents identifications and a copy of the document of the person authorized to travel with the minor must be also presented; these documents do not replace the authorization to leave the country addressed to Mexican migratory authorities.

The information regarding required document applies to Colombian citizens. Foreigners must verify this information at their corresponding embassies and/or consulates.

We assume no liability in case the authorities of the visited country deny the documents required to enter the country or deny entry, in which case the value of the unused services will be reimbursed, minus the cost for expenses and/or penalties accrued. If the passenger is a foreign citizen, please inquire about requirements with the travel consultant.





This numeral complies with the obligation of tourism operators to notify about warnings against sexual tourism and child pornography. The following lists the recommendations made by Jaeckel Montoya Abogados regarding this numeral.



In compliance with the provisions of Panama’s Criminal Code and other concurring norms, HOTELES DECAMERON, S.R.L. warns the tourist that exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country is considered a felony and is therefore criminally sanctioned. By virtue of Panama’s Criminal Code, HOTELES DECAMERON S.R.L. has adopted a “Code of Conduct” model that promotes prevention policies and avoids use and sexual exploitation of children and teenagers during tourism activities.